Influences and Aspirations

These three images represent three people that have had great influence on my journey to aspire to design and create works of art. In year 9 my textiles and design teacher Ruth Bucknell had the biggest influence on me and the way that I saw design. She was my teacher for 4 years and showed helped me to recognize my passion for design. Dior is someone that I aspire to be like, he has a unique way of creating elegance in a simplistic way. Lastly Beethoven has influenced me, especially with his piece Fur Elise because the way that the music is written pulls on the listeners emotions.

Ruth Bucknells dress
Facebook. Hokonui Fashion Design Awards, 2014 Award Winners. Ruth Bucknell
Vouge. Dior. Fashion, Autumn-Winter


Fur Elise
Beethoven. Fur Elise. Web, Sheet music 2008

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