How to See the World

Some key points that Mirzoeff makes in his book ‘How to See the World’ are that when we see a picture of a place it makes us assume that we know it, when actually we know that photo. Places that we take photos of can change but the image never does. Mirzoeff used the example of the image that Jack Schmitt too of earth from Apollo 17 in 1972. Almost everyone has seen this image, and Mirzoeff talks about how we all think that we know what earth looked like when only the crew of Apollo 17 actually know what earth looked like then. “We can ‘recognize’ the Earth from Blue Marble, but only the three-man crew of Apollo 17 have ever actually seen this view…” (Mirzoeff 9)

Another interesting point that he makes is how fast the world around us is changing and we don’t even realise it. As we are too busy looking at other less significant things. “Look. Look at it from this perspective. Look at that. What’s important?” (Mirzoeff 4) Because the world is growing so fast we don’t see the effects that we are having on it. Mirzoeff talked about how there is a lot more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that there used to be and this is affecting many different aspects of the earth, such as high sea levels and more unpredicted storms.


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