Personal Responce

Critical thinking is when you can understand the connections between to ideas logically. The way that we think plays a big role in our lives, it affects the way that we see and understand things. Some people are better at critical thinking than others, if two people look at a painting they will be seeing the same thing but may not interpret it in the same way.

Depending on how critical our thinking is can also affect the way that we engage in the world around us and how we use our imagination. I think that as we get older we have less and less of an imagination because, without realising it the world around us is forcing us to be critical thinkers. Meaning that we have more logic when thinking and making decisions. Therefore this affects the way that we see the world around us. To a child it is full of new and exciting things, but to an adult we know what everything is and we no longer use our imagination to try and figure out what something may be.


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