Notes to Myself

The author’s key ideas we about how Maori are ‘lost’ in this world that is dominated my Pakeha and that Maori find it difficult to keep their ‘Kaupapa’. From the Walker’s perspective she is writing for all Maori, especially those that won’t make it to university as she wants their voices to be heard. Walker also talks about how Pakeha are constantly trying to take over, when writing this piece ‘Chapter seven: Conclusion. Notes to myself: Writing from the gut’ she wanted to this to be a ‘bi-cultural effort’ in that both Maori and Pakeha worked together. But she discovered that they wouldn’t listen to her tried to overtake this project.

This piece sounded like it was written purely from the heart and it was how Walker truly felt. At times her tone was angry, but only because she’s passionate about this topic. It was clear from the beginning that she was writing not only for herself and voicing her own concerns but she was being a voice for all Maori, Walker did not talk just from her own perspective but from her communities. I think that Walker positions herself well as she doesn’t let too much of her personal opinions through, she steps back to make sure that the voice of the community is heard. This not only gives the piece a personal voice but an authoritative one.

Walker’s voice, tone and approach to this specific piece were well thought-out as she doesn’t offend anyone but still gets her point across. I found this text interesting to read because it gave me perspective as to how Maori actually feel and how they want to be treated. Walker showed me that we should be trying to live in a world that doesn’t discriminate as to what race you are. We are all human and we should all have the opportunity to be heard.


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