Site One: Dream Works

Dream Works, Journey from sketch to screen, Te Papa

It is an exhibition of how dream works creates all their movies and all the stages that they go thought to create characters, sets and then the movie. Its purpose is to let the public see what they do behind the scenes and all the work that goes into each movie.

The target audience is for anyone and everyone that is interested or curious in the way that dream works takes sketches and works with them to create movies. Dream Works was founded in 1994 and has been creating some amazing movies ever since. In the exhibition there are sketches, displays, models and some videos they are there as they tell us the stories of each of the different movies that have been worked on and the videos give you some more depth to what the pictures are telling you.

As you walk around the exhibition you can hear other people talking and you can slightly hear the videos that are playing. The space looks happy, playful and creative which are all things that you associate with dream works. As you go through the space all of the displays are grouped tother into movies and some of the walls have that movies theme. You move round the exhibition like a journey from the start of the process to the final product. The use of lighting was clever, as the light was focused on the displays and everywhere else was relatively dark; drawing your eye to the artwork.

The people that work there are Te Papa’s staff, but you don’t see the people that put all of the displays up and worked out what pieced to put where. When looking at Te Papa’s website it gives you some more information about the exhibition. Though out the exhibition it also has interactive screens to play with and at the end you can have a go at making a mini animation.


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