Site two: Laser Force


The second place that we visited was on Tory Street in Wellington. Its main purpose is for people to play laser tag and other arcade games as the street sign advertises. The history is in the arcade games that they have. I believe that its target audience is from ages 5-15 years old as its main attraction is the laser tag and arcade games. There are stories being told through the games, as they are not new anymore and each one has some history to it.

As you walk around the building you can hear all the different noises from all the games that are on display. There is no colour in the building other than what is on the games, there are concrete pillars and exposed cords running along the celling. The building has a small café area but the other space is dedicated to the games, and the lighting is harsh and fluorescent. It is easy to more around and all of the games are in the same area, it had a hyper and fun attitude because of the games. When we went there was only one staff member, we didn’t see any managers or other employees. Laser force also has a good website that gives you information about it and all the special deals, also what they have to offer.



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