Draft One

Themes key points and ideas that I could talk about:

Context of something, Analysing,  Making assumptions

Authors that have brought up these ideas:


  • “No human has seen that perspective in person…”
  • “Most of us feel we know how the Earth looks because of Blue Marble.”


  • “Writers and artists may stimulate your imagination, but they cannot control it.”
  • “The contexts we bring to texts personally aren’t a matter of right and wrong; they are crucially distinct ways of seeing.”


State what the question is and my two points (context and making assumptions) then lead into the first body paragraph.

Body One

Talk about context and use the quotes from Rusczkiewicz making sure to use MLA referencing

Body Two

Explain why assumptions are also important to critical thinking and looking closely are visual texts. And using Mirzoeff’s quotes to back my statements.


Sum up why I believe that these two points are important and link them together. And leave the reader with no doubt about my argument.


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