Types of Planning

In Creme’s  “Reading as Part of Writing.” it talks about some different ways that people plan their writing: The Diver writer, The Patchwork writer, The Grand plan writer and the Architect. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these styles of writing. The diver just starts writing before they know what they want to say and could go off in the wrong direction, but it also means that they get started straight away. The Patchwork writer, writes little bits and pieces for different parts but they may not all fit together or they may be missing the point altogether. The grand plan writer has a plan in their heads but can’t get the plan on paper, meaning that it could work perfectly or it could get all messy and confused. Lastly the architect writer can produce a complex plan and have an idea of the structure, but they don’t always know what content is to be put in it.

When I am planning for a major essay I go over the question and make sure that I understand exactly what I need to do in order to answer it. Then I gather all my thoughts and opinions choosing the three strongest and most relevant to talk about in my body paragraphs. Once I have done that I go and find research that backs up what I want to say.

I think that I associate the best with the architect writer because I can generally plan my essays really well and have a sense of what I want to say but I don’t always know where to begin when it comes to putting the content into the essay. It was useful reading about how people plan differently because it showed me that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Also it gave me some ideas on other ways that I could try when planning my essay.


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