Image Research

Both of the images below are famous pieces of art, but they also have stories behind them. They also portray the people in them how they wanted to be seen by the world, strong independent and resilient.

The first image is of Marie Antoinette in 1783 by Elisabeth-Louise Vigee-Leburn, it shows Antoinette in some of her finest clothes holding a rose. This could give the illusion that she is as beautiful and delicate as that rose, but we all know that roses have thorns. Therefore she is not as helpless and delicate as she appears to be, as she can defend herself. Her fine clothes with all the silk, lace and feathers shows her wealth and importance. All of these things are important for a woman back then as they were often not treated as equals.

The second painting is a self-portrait of Henri De Toulouse, he appears to be just like any other ordinary man. But what this self-portrait doesn’t show us is his legs, they never fully developed leaving him with child’s legs. Although this painting does not show us this, Toulouse didn’t want us to see that he was any different to the rest of us.


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