Question that focuses my discussion is: What exactly is deforestation and why do we destroy our forests? What do you automatically think of when someone says deforestation? I think about big commercial companies destroying the forests, but is not just these companies doing damage to the Amazon. People that live in or close to the […]


In this assessment I will be investigating the deforestation that is happening in the Amazon rain forest, and what how that damage is affecting us. I want to look at the reasons why we have started to destroy such a beautiful part of nature, and what we got from that destruction. But more importantly I […]

Tool Kit

Planning and Preparation Mind maps Reading, about what you are going to be discussing Exploring different ways of writing Writing Skills Writing exercises, such as all the blog posts Creating a glossary, to refer to and to help be understand the word/phrase better The study skills in lectures Content and Visual Text Analysis Tools Analyzing visual […]

World Views

My word view is that even though there will always be a hierarchy in society, it shouldn’t mean that people at the bottom of the scale should be treated any worse than those at the top. I think this might have come from my interest in the holocaust of the Jews in second World War, […]

Week 6 Reflection on Learning

The most interesting thing about this paper so far is that we get to learn why it is important to be able to communicate our ideas about other designs. Because from that we are able to understand other designers ideas will them and the world around us to influence our work. From all the content […]

Building Knowledge Video

The topic of the video that I watched was that we are more than just statistics we are people, but those statistics can be used to create works of art. This video made me question how we define what art is. When the word art is said we automatically think of a painting, sculptures or […]

Related Sites

Below are some other blogs and sites that are talking about some of the topics that I will be discussing in my assignment. This is about how to see yourself: Our identity and how it can change overtime: Personal growth: