My Knowledge

The essay question that  I have decided to work with is ‘How to See Yourself’, I could take this in many different directions and are many points that I could talk about. Some ideas are: women were not always treated as equals, and therefore did not always have control over the way that others saw them. Also if they were born into a low station then thekate-sheppard.jpgre was little chance that they would ever rise in position without marriage. Another point that could lead of this idea is the event of women receiving the vote, which gave them more power not only in politics but power over the way that they were seen by society started to change. People also portray themselves the way that they want to be seen, or in ways that they think others find attractive or like.


When I did some research I found some more interesting points that I could look at such as: Our image of ourselves will always be distorted compared to what others see, as we may want to look like someone else yet another person may want to look like us. Media also have a bigger impact on how we see ourselves than what we realise. We might not even realise that we are following what they ‘want’ us to be rather than expressing ourselves the way that we want to. (All references can be found on my Resources page)



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