Building Knowledge Video

The topic of the video that I watched was that we are more than just statistics we are people, but those statistics can be used to create works of art.

This video made me question how we define what art is. When the word art is said we automatically think of a painting, sculptures or photography, but art can be other things such as music, digital code or digitally created images. This then made me question if this is one thing that we are narrowing but is actually a very broad topic what else are we narrowing. These issues could be raised in my essay, by talking about how we project our self image and how we could be judging people’s identity because we don’t understand the way that they express themselves.

I think that issues like this are something that artist and designers should all think about, because it could give their ‘art’ more depth and depending how they create their pieces it could help others to understand the message that they are trying to get across.



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