Image Selection

All of the images below represent different things that I find important in my question ‘How to See Yourself’ such as inspiration (light bulb), change (leaves), representation (the lady), self (split face) and identity (finger print). All of these things will be important when I am discussing how  representations of identity have shifted over time.

I chose the light bulb (Designrfix, 10 Ways to rapidly generate creative inspiration for a new website project) to represent inspiration because as a symbol it shows a new idea and thought which we get when we are inspired. And i chose the leaves (, Explore our change process) to represent change. Because we are always changing the way that we represent ourselves, and leaves are always changing with the seasons.

The picture of the woman (The Campanil, Miss representation: empowering women in the media) shows representation because it is representing women, saying that they can do it. Also it shows the women showing off her strength, implying that she isn’t as weak as people think women are. The finger print (De Santis Breindel, Rethinking brand identity after a merger: a visual history) is commonly associated with identity because it is part of what makes us unique and our identity is what makes us different to everyone else.

Lastly I chose the split face (LonerWolf , Involution; inner transformation and self-awareness) to show self because it shows the boy holding his face out in-front of him as if it’s a mirror but he’s looking in-side himself. I found it an interesting image to show self.



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