Week 6 Reflection on Learning

The most interesting thing about this paper so far is that we get to learn why it is important to be able to communicate our ideas about other designs. Because from that we are able to understand other designers ideas will them and the world around us to influence our work. From all the content that we have covered I think that the research and analysis tasks have worked best for me, because once we have done the researched we then have to understand what is happening. Meaning that I get more understanding from that topic. The readings that we have done haven’t worked so well for me because I don’t always see the connection between what we are working on and what the author is talking about. Although they have some really goo points, I don’t always see how it relates.

My knowledge and ways of working have been challenged because lots of the tasks that we have done have been outside of what I know and therefore I have learnt a lot as well as some of the ideas that I have being challenged. The way that i work has also been challenged, because there has been lots of research to do which I am not used to doing. I have taken a creative approach to the way that I display my blog for this paper. I have personalized it so that it is unique to me.

By having to use a blog for this paper it has helped me in some of my other studio papers which required us to display our work on a blog as well. Also all the research that we have had to do has helped me to be more efficient in the way that I do research for the studio papers. I think that I have a new appreciation for a paper such as this, because it shows you how important it is to research and how that can then help your designs.



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