World Views

My word view is that even though there will always be a hierarchy in society, it shouldn’t mean that people at the bottom of the scale should be treated any worse than those at the top. I think this might have come from my interest in the holocaust of the Jews in second World War, because they had their rights taken away just because of their religion. I think my world view shapes the way that I see myself because I try to always treat people how I want to be treated (fairly and as an equal). I hope that my morals will show others that we can all be treated equally no matter our class.

I believe that my world view could be connected to ideology, identity and personal perspective because it is such a simple thing yet so powerful. A persons ideology is based on what they believe, their morals and principals and my idea of everyone being treated as equals could quite easily relate to other peoples views. I think that equality can affect a persons identity and personal perspective majorly because it can change their outlook on life and the way that they see themselves as well as others. If they haven’t been treated equally then they may not see any point in treating others equally.

I suppose that my world view belittles the one that Hitler had of the Jews, because he didn’t believe that everyone was equal and should be treated as equals. If my world view was dominant and accepted but then slowly became marginalised, the world could end up being very corrupt and unjust. I think that the dominant world view would see me as a poor student and expect me to get a job so that I can start paying back what I owe the government. They would expect me to give back what I don’t yet have.

In  Sheilagh Walker’s text ‘Writing From the Gut: Kia tau the rangimarie’ she talks about how people struggled to work together from different cultures to create a piece of writing without belittling the other culture. I think that no matter what your culture is you should still be able to voice your opinions and perspectives without another culture say that it is right or wrong because of what they believe. I believe that Mirzoeff’s world view would be that no matter who it is they should be heard whether you agree or disagree with them they are entitled to their opinion.

I would say that ones world view plays a part in the construction and reading of visual texts because depending on your world view it can change the way you see the world around you including visual texts.

Ideology, world view and myth of photographic truth all link to each other and are usually reflected in the artists/designers work. When discussing a visual text the viewer will see different things compared to someone else because of their personal ideology and world views, as these things affect the way we interpret the visual text. Also the work will have the artists/designers personal world views and ideology as well as their myth of photographic truth. Therefore when analyzing a visual text both the viewers and the creators world views, ideology and myth of photographic truth need to be considered.



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