Question that focuses my discussion is: What exactly is deforestation and why do we destroy our forests?

What do you automatically think of when someone says deforestation? I think about big commercial companies destroying the forests, but is not just these companies doing damage to the Amazon. People that live in or close to the Amazon are destroying it more than these commercial companies, as their communities grow they need more space so they cut down tress to expand towns. Another big contributor to deforestation of the Amazon rain forest is agriculture, as farmers also need more land for their animals. But do not get me wrong the logging companies still have a huge affect on deforestation and not all of it is legal.

There are a few different reasons that we destroy our forests, for space to expansions to keep up with population growth, minerals found it the ground, logging for building homes etc. and more. I realize that we don’t have enough room for everyone with the rate of population, but I think we should have a set percentage that we can only cut down for this growth. Otherwise we end up destroying whole forests that are important to our Eco-system. Mining for minerals or precious stones should not be allowed, our forests are too important to destroy for our own selfish needs. We either need to find a way to extract these minerals and stones in a less destructive way or not be allowed to mine in our forests. The same with logging, although there is not a better way to fell tress we need to monitor how much of the overall forest we are cutting down and make it harder for those who are doing it illegally.


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