In this assessment I will be investigating the deforestation that is happening in the Amazon rain forest, and what how that damage is affecting us. I want to look at the reasons why we have started to destroy such a beautiful part of nature, and what we got from that destruction. But more importantly I want to study what the consequences have been to the animals that call the Amazon home and to those who live close to it. The Amazon is not the only place in the world where deforestation is happening, but it is a huge part of South America. Everyone knows about deforestation but I don’t think that they can fully understand what happens to a forest when you start to tear it down for our own ‘selfish needs’.

In Mirzoeff’s book ‘How to See the World’ he talks about what it means to be a citizen in this global era. We are all capable of knowing that our actions will have consequences but we don’t always take them into consideration or even care. If we wanted to know the consequences we have the ability to find out or the knowledge to have an educated guess as to what they might be, but a lot of the time we don’t care. Although sometimes we can be persuaded or misled by the things we see on the television or social media, meaning that we cannot always believe what we are told. We need to think critically about what the information and images that we see.


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