Final Post

In my previous posts about deforestation in the Amazon I have talked about the effects that it has had on the animals, what it is and whats causing deforestation. This is a huge topic that I could have taken in many other different directions however I chose to look at these things because knowing what deforestation is and understanding what is causing is a good start to stopping it. I also chose to look at the effects to the wildlife that lives in the Amazon because the Amazon in home to thousands of different species that all have a role in the food chain. If a key species of the food chain becomes extinct that could put lots of other species lives at risk of extinction.

The artist that I talked about in my previous post ‘Ganesh P.Acharya’ is doing some great work to raise awareness about deforestation and what it is doing to the animals, but we need to see more work like this. Everyone knows it happens but they don’t understand that it does affect them and if no one does anything about it then we could be without the Amazon sooner than we realise. The Amazon covers a huge percentage of the earths land and if we do cut it all down the whole world will be affected by it. As we all know trees take carbon dioxide in and produce oxygen for us to breath, reducing the amount of C02 in the atmosphere. This leads into global warming and climate change, two huge topics with equally huge consequences if we continue to ignore this issue.

With my work I tired to cover some of the basics to get people thinking as to what deforestation is doing the the world that they live in. I wanted to try and get people interested in this topic so that more people are aware of this and want to do something to stop us destroying this beautiful piece of nature. With my poster that I made it has some brutal images but people need to see them so that they understand that this paradise media are talking about is not what is actually there. The amazon is actually being destroyed and turned into a place that no one would ever really want to see, certainly not ‘paradise’.


  • Mirzoeff chapter 7. Afterword
  • The inspiration, Sanctuary Asia – When the Wood Go, the Wildlife Goes by Ganesh P.Acharya. Posted to advertising by Daniel 9th December 2014.
  • Naional Geographic, Deforestation
  • World Wildlife, Treats, Deforestation

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