Conversations In Creative Cultures

Chapter One image Week 2 blog postI believe that this piece of art work is important because in Athol Anderson’s text, “Chapter 1: Ancient Origins” he is talking about where different languages originated from. Anderson talks about the austronesian languages which is the ‘family’ of languages that are found from Madagascar to the Pacific islands. The description below this carving says that it is a guardian carving that was above the entrance to a lake in Rotorua. It is of a Chief and his two children, with his wife below him however she was sawn off and lost.

I think that this piece of work is important because it comes from just one of the many languages and cultures that were formed. The detail and patterns in this carving are unique to where it originated from along with the story behind this particular piece. This carving is interesting and what i think makes it really important is that it has survived this long, as it was carved in 1835 and that people still know its story; it hasn’t been forgotten.


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