New Zealand Art History

Image above from: Tangata Whenua An Illustrated History. By, Atholl Anderson, Judith Binney and Aroha Harris (Chapter 3 page 74)

The image that I have chosen to look is a fishing hook that was found in the Auckland Islands. It is believed to be from a Maori settlement in the thirteenth century. The fish hook is made from elephant seal ivory and has a beautiful shape.

The shape of this fishing hook helps to date it back to the 13th century as this was a common design in that era. This example of one of New Zealand’s art history is simplistic and looks like it does its intended purpose. The small indents at the top of the hook looks like they are so you could attach some string to it without it coming off when bring the fish it. The way that the ivory has been shaped at the other end is well designed, as it stops the hook from just slipping out of the fishes mouth.

From the way that this fish hook has been crated you can tell that thought about its design and purpose have been carefully considered.



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