Values and Taonga Works

The term that I chose from Moko Mead’s “Ngā Pūtanga o te tikanga: Underlying principals and values”, is Values. Values are always being applied to art and design practices as the way that we create and respond to art and designs is affected by our values. When we are creating art and designs parts of our values will come thought into our work, whether these are intentional or not. Although it is not just our personal values that we respond with but also the values of our culture, “…values which are subject to various cultural tests of appropriateness, correctness and adequacy.” (Mead 27).

Intellectual property and copyright laws are insufficient to address the misuse of Taonga works because although they are good and prevent the creator to a certain extent they do not properly stop the misuse of them. There are people that protect these Taonga works, “… have a very particular relationship with them. We call this the kaitiaki relationship.” (Taonga Works, page 31). Taonga works are works of already existing knowledge and creativeness and people. Copyright laws do protect existing works from being taken or misuses but they don’t stop people from creating another piece of work that is similar and used without consent.


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