Not So Fresh Off The Boat

One key point that was talked about in the lecture this week was the Polynesian Panthers. They were a group of Polynesians that were focused on bringing communities together and peacefully protesting against racism and discrimination towards the Polynesians. In the book, ‘Changing Times: New Zealand Since 1945’  by Jenny Carlyon and Diana Morrow, it talks about how the Polynesian Panthers were not just a group of protesters, but they helped to improve their communities.

In ‘All Power to the People” by Melani Anae (2012) there is an image from an election campaign by National Party in 1975 that shows a Polynesian looking person. However in the commercial that this image is from it is depicting Polynesians as monsters that have caused all these problems for New Zealand. “Very few Newspapers were sympathetic or pointed to the hypocrisy of the governments stance.” (Anae, 228)

The documentary that we watched, ‘Dawn Raids’ (Fepulea’i, D. 2005), covered the way that the Polynesians were treated from when they stated to immigrate to New Zealand. New Zealand had a labor shortage and encouraged the Polynesians to come and work here, with the government ignoring the laws about immigration and work visas. However, when the government said that we had unemployment problem they blamed the Polynesians as many of them were hear without the correct permits. The documentary then went on to talk about how the government and police were racist and discriminated against anyone who had dark skin, like a Polynesian thus the dawn raids came about. Where the police would go to the homes of over stayers in the early hours of the morning, arrest them and send them back to where they were from.





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