Economic Equality In New Zealand

child-povertyThis photo is on that Greg used in his lecture about economic equality in New Zealand when we were talking about what it actually means to be poor or in poverty. As this picture clearly shoes it is of a small child with no shoes or socks and muddy pants that are to big. This picture was in the Nelson Mail when a child came to school with no shoes, which was only the start as the child then told the principal that his living conditions were worse. In the lecture we talked about how there are people that are deserving and undeserving of help and children are always deserving. They are generally brought into poverty by their parents and this start in life can affect them for the rest of their lives, “It can mean doing badly at school, not getting a good job, having poor health and falling into a life of crime.” (UNICEF/2015/AARON MARTIN, Child poverty in New Zealand). A UNICEF report shows that around 305,000 New Zealand children are living in poverty and they are all deserving of help and a better start in life.





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