Cultural Identity

I am what some might call a ‘true kiwi’, I have lived in New Zealand my whole life and had the typical Kiwi up-bringing of climbing trees, playing bull rush at lunch and feeding pet lambs. Growing up and being around family at important times of the year, like Christmas and birthdays. Family and where we have come from has always been important to us as well as knowing any important moments in our family history. As I have gotten older my aunt, uncle and mother have told me about the family history on my mother’s side and about one person in particular; Reginald Judson. He was in the first World War and and was one of New Zealand’s most decorated soldiers, Judson was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), Military Medal (MM) and the Victoria Cross (VC). The World Wars were significant moments for New Zealand as they greatly affected us in many ways. Although I never knew my great-great-great grandfather he is still someone that I can be proud to be descended from as his story will not be forgotten. Although Reginald Judson will only ever be as story to me his accomplishments and bravery is something to aspire to.

2016-10-12 15.28.44.jpg
“Effusive farewells for soldiers departing for the great adventure overseas became bittersweet as the realities of the first World War hammered home.” Photograph unidentified, Alexander Turnbull Library. (Illustrated History of New Zealand by, Mathew Wright)




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