Studio Reflection

In  my second studio Lens, we were intergrating the concept of Turangawaewae (a place to stand). The concepts that we looked was what made Wellington home for us and we then used photography to communicate this. The work that I made was an A3 sized photograph that had 5 photos that I had taken and edited. The concepts behind the 5 photos was because they were of the water front, I didn’t want cliche tourist photos so I tried to show the waterfront from abstract views.


In the lecture Erna Stachl discussed decolonisation and Mana Wahine, in my work I was not considering gender or indigeneity as many people feel at ‘home’ when they are at Wellington’s waterfront no matter their gender or indigeneity. However we should all be thinking about this more than we do as there are many issues that we ignore because we don’t want to talk about them as it is just ‘too hard’. There have been times in New Zealand’s history that have affected the way that women are seen and how they have been treated like Ani Mikaere discusses in Maori Women- Caught in the contradictions of a colonised reality. Mikaere, Ani. (1994).




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