Making an Empire

  In  “Chapter 8: Making empire?” (Making Peoples: A history of the New Zealanders, from Polynesian settlement to the end of the nineteenth century. Hawai’i Press, 2001. 179-203. Print.) it talks about how New Zealand became part of the British Empire and all of the acts that took place for this to happen. The British had […]

New Zealand Art History

The image that I have chosen to look is a fishing hook that was found in the Auckland Islands. It is believed to be from a Maori settlement in the thirteenth century. The fish hook is made from elephant seal ivory and has a beautiful shape. The shape of this fishing hook helps to date […]

World Views

My word view is that even though there will always be a hierarchy in society, it shouldn’t mean that people at the bottom of the scale should be treated any worse than those at the top. I think this might have come from my interest in the holocaust of the Jews in second World War, […]

Building Knowledge Video

The topic of the video that I watched was that we are more than just statistics we are people, but those statistics can be used to create works of art. This video made me question how we define what art is. When the word art is said we automatically think of a painting, sculptures or […]

Visual Analysis

The portrait of Marie Antoinette shows us her beauty and elegance along with her wealth, but you could also see it as she is representing herself with a rose. Her elegance is shown in the way that she holds her hands and her posture, it is graceful and soft. You can clearly see her wealth […]

Analysis of images

In the reading that I did about finding images by Gillian Rose i learn that there are more ways of finding an image than just using an image bank like Google Images. In the text (“Visual Methodologies: A Review.” Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials. 3rd ed. London: SAGE, 2012. 346-347.Print.), Rose says that you need […]