New Zealand Art History

The image that I have chosen to look is a fishing hook that was found in the Auckland Islands. It is believed to be from a Maori settlement in the thirteenth century. The fish hook is made from elephant seal ivory and has a beautiful shape. The shape of this fishing hook helps to date […]

Conversations In Creative Cultures

I believe that this piece of art work is important because in Athol Anderson’s text, “Chapter 1: Ancient Origins” he is talking about where different languages originated from. Anderson talks about the¬†austronesian languages which is the ‘family’ of languages that are found from Madagascar to the Pacific islands.¬†The description below this carving says that it […]

Final Post

In my previous posts about deforestation in the Amazon I have talked about the effects that it has had on the animals, what it is and whats causing deforestation. This is a huge topic that I could have taken in many other different directions however I chose to look at these things because knowing what […]

Deforestation effects on Wildlife

Question that focuses my discussion is: How does deforestation affect the wildlife that live in the Amazon? The Amazon rain-forest is the largest rain-forest on earth and home to about 30% of the worlds species of animals, with 427 mammals, 1,300 birds, 378 reptiles and more than 400 amphibians. Deforestation is destroying the homes for […]


Question that focuses my discussion is: What exactly is deforestation and why do we destroy our forests? What do you automatically think of when someone says deforestation? I think about big commercial companies destroying the forests, but is not just these companies doing damage to the Amazon. People that live in or close to the […]


In this assessment I will be investigating the deforestation that is happening in the Amazon rain forest, and what how that damage is affecting us. I want to look at the reasons why we have started to destroy such a beautiful part of nature, and what we got from that destruction. But more importantly I […]

Tool Kit

Planning and¬†Preparation Mind maps Reading, about what you are going to be discussing Exploring different ways of writing Writing Skills Writing exercises, such as all the blog posts Creating a glossary, to refer to and to help be understand the word/phrase better The study skills in lectures Content and Visual Text Analysis Tools Analyzing visual […]