Building Knowledge Video

The topic of the video that I watched was that we are more than just statistics we are people, but those statistics can be used to create works of art. This video made me question how we define what art is. When the word art is said we automatically think of a painting, sculptures or […]


In my last blog post I talked about the two images that I thought I might use in my essay for assessment two. Looking for these images that related to my essay and what I wanted to talk about helped me to get a better understanding of what direction I want to take my writing […]

5 Minute Writing Exercise

Mirzoeff talks about lots of different ways throughout history that we have chosen to represent ourselves. From paintings in our finest clothes, showing our power and wealth. Then to the ways that we present ourselves to others, showing them what we want them to see. Also he talked about the way that we can be […]

Draft Two

Context is important when looking closely and thinking critically about visual texts in art and design practices because it gives us a starting point when we are analysing it. Context isn’t something that we should let constrain our imaginations “Writers and artist may stimulate your imagination, but they cannot control it.” (Rusczkiewicz, John J., Daniel […]

Draft One

Themes key points and ideas that I could talk about: Context of something, Analysing,  Making assumptions Authors that have brought up these ideas: Mirzoeff “No human has seen that perspective in person…” “Most of us feel we know how the Earth looks because of Blue Marble.” Ruszkiewicz “Writers and artists may stimulate your imagination, but they […]