Analysis of an Item

I selected the Wacom animation screens at the Dream Works exhibition to analyse. The Wacom screens are like a mix between a computer and an over-sized tablet. Just like other Wacom tablets you have to use a stylus in order to use the screen. The screens at the Dream Works exhibition had some animation software […]

Similarities and differences

There were some clear differences between the two sites that we saw (Dream Works and Laser Fore) as the environments were treated differently, such as at the Dream Works exhibition the lighting was dull and focused on the displays whereas at Laser Force the lights were harsh everywhere. Also they both had different use of […]

Site One: Dream Works

Dream Works, Journey from sketch to screen, Te Papa It is an exhibition of how dream works creates all their movies and all the stages that they go thought to create characters, sets and then the movie. Its purpose is to let the public see what they do behind the scenes and all the work […]