In this assessment I will be investigating the deforestation that is happening in the Amazon rain forest, and what how that damage is affecting us. I want to look at the reasons why we have started to destroy such a beautiful part of nature, and what we got from that destruction. But more importantly I […]

Into and Conclusion Drafts

Into: The processes of looking closely and thinking critically about visual texts are important to art and design practices because without them we would not be able to fully grasp the proper context of it, instead we would make assumptions. The assumptions that we make are not necessarily wrong and they can help us to get […]

How to See the World

Some key points that Mirzoeff makes in his book ‘How to See the World’ are that when we see a picture of a place it makes us assume that we know it, when actually we know that photo. Places that we take photos of can change but the image never does. Mirzoeff used the example […]