Tool Kit

Planning and Preparation Mind maps Reading, about what you are going to be discussing Exploring different ways of writing Writing Skills Writing exercises, such as all the blog posts Creating a glossary, to refer to and to help be understand the word/phrase better The study skills in lectures Content and Visual Text Analysis Tools Analyzing visual […]

Week 6 Reflection on Learning

The most interesting thing about this paper so far is that we get to learn why it is important to be able to communicate our ideas about other designs. Because from that we are able to understand other designers ideas will them and the world around us to influence our work. From all the content […]

Analysis of images

In the reading that I did about finding images by Gillian Rose i learn that there are more ways of finding an image than just using an image bank like Google Images. In the text (“Visual Methodologies: A Review.” Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials. 3rd ed. London: SAGE, 2012. 346-347.Print.), Rose says that you need […]

My Knowledge

The essay question that  I have decided to work with is ‘How to See Yourself’, I could take this in many different directions and are many points that I could talk about. Some ideas are: women were not always treated as equals, and therefore did not always have control over the way that others saw […]